Hello, friend, and welcome! I’m Erin, the curator of Timshel & Grace, and I’m thrilled that you’re here. Be it by chance or choice, you’ve stumbled upon the pages that began as an effort to alleviate my overly-lengthy Instagram captions (still working on that) and try out new vocab words (the notes section of my phone was overflowing, something had to give), and have become a running log of the life I’ve been blessed to toddle through with my First Mate. Our big dreams, which have been paired with hard work, peppered by wanderlust, and saturated in grace, have floated us all over this wide world – a right turn at opportunity and straight on in grace.

Self Portrait 2
If you’ve made it here by chance, I can only assume our meeting was preordained, because with more than 5M blog posts published each day, your finding my little slice of eRealEstate was surely written in the stars. That, or my SEO efforts (which are exhausting, mind you) are paying off and it was written in Google’s algorithm. Tomato-tomahto.

If you’ve come here by choice, I must acknowledge your efforts and thank you for swinging on this side of the timshel pendulum. (In case you’re thinking that’s a fancy part of a clock, check out this post for more on how I chose the name of the T&G blog and what-in-the-heck I mean by “timshel pendulum”).

Whichever route you took to get here, my gratitude is yours, friend, for pattering along with me, as I strive one day to find myself in the heavenly crux of timshel and grace.