What I’m Listening to ATM: Commuter Playlist

*ATM = at the moment, FYI. You’re welcome.

Screen Shot 2017-07-31 at 4.16.08 PM
Access the full Spotify Playlist here!

I am forever searching for new music to spice up my commute, and it’s always the hardest “time of day” for me to find a suitable playlist for. I generally don’t have much trouble putting together playlists for other scenarios, like working out/running, cleaning, or work, but I am extremely picky about my commute playlist. Reason being that it’s my first real interaction with the day and sets the tone for how I’ll approach my fellow commuters and the tasks ahead of me. Since I have started listening to classical music while I get ready for work, my mornings feel like a blank slate when I first walk out the door toward my Subway stop and I don’t want to mess that up with the wrong vibes. I’ve put together a list of some old tunes and some new jams that have totally upped my commute in the AM. Enjoy!

*Disclaimer: I am terrible about listening to lyrics (it’s all about that beat, yo!). Ask N, he pretty much waits with bated breath, when I start singing along, to hear what will come out of my mouth. Example: the lyrics to Zac Brown Band’s song Knee Deep are “//She got too close so I tossed her//Now I’m lost in the world, trying to find me a better way”, right? I’m saying this to clarify that I don’t listen closely enough to catch expletives, most of the time, so while I haven’t included anything in the above list that I definitely know has sensitive language, just be warned that there could be some. You know how these hipsters are with their garbage mouths. Kidding. But really, fair warning.

What are some of your favorite “The World is Your Catwalk” or “I Own This Day” songs?

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